Prepared voice with accordion. Voice with alfoil, slide whistles, paper, paper, de-constructed accordion parts, multiphonics, harmonics. The accordion is slapped and shaken. Composition is constructed through improvisation as the body extends to include the accordion. Each performance is a new movement.

Pitcher AVANTWHATEVER 2013 colour adjusted

Pitcher has been performed in Melbourne at Grant Street, AVANTWHATEVER, La Mama Musica, Gertrude Contemporary, Conduit Arts, The Empress Hotel, and Northcote Uniting Church.

“…Carolyn Connors proves she needs no electronics to transition from a clear vocal tone to inhuman white noise” Manhunter album launch 2013

“…As a performer, mentor and teacher, Carolyn Connors continues to initiate students into the craft of vocal improvisation” Vocal Folds, Gertrude Contemporary, 2013