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Housework A Problem https://soundcloud.com/carolyn-connors/housework-a-problem-get-rid-of-the-house



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Hammers Lake, Tectonics Adelaide, Adelaide Festival 2014

“Highlights included the exhilarating Hammers Lake, an Australian trio featuring the extraordinary throat-singing of Carolyn Connors, who screamed, ululated, made a bandana out of a piece of tinfoil and then rhythmically spat into it.” http://www.theguardian.com/culture/australia-culture-blog/2014/mar/11/tectonics-adelaide-program-two-review

“…the astounding “Hammers Lake”. The brilliant Carolyn Connors (vocals) and Judith Hamann (‘cello), were joined for this performance-art feast by the fabulous Tomlinson (percussion). Anguish met joy and unique use of aluminium foil, in this Festival highlight.” http://www.glamadelaide.com.au/main/adelaide-festival-review-tectonics-program-2/

“The trio Hammers Lake delivered a stunning performance, foregrounding Melbourne artist Carolyn Connors’ unique vocal work, with the performers prominently situated on a podium in the auditorium centre. Their untitled work for cello (Judith Hamann), percussion (Vanessa Tomlinson) and voice demonstrated a unique musicality and, again, the potential of group improvisation.”


“Hammers Lake … were rivetingly convincing with their unplugged improvised gentle melange.”

The Advertiser, Wednesday March 12 2014

Solo Voice

“…Carolyn Connors proves she needs no electronics to transition from a clear vocal tone to inhuman white noise” Manhunter album launch 2013   

“…As a performer, mentor and teacher, Carolyn Connors continues to initiate students into the craft of vocal improvisation” Vocal Folds, Gertrude Contemporary, 2013

Still Awake Still, 2014 tour

“the accomplished Carolyn Connors” New York Times, Jan 2014

“…imperious Carolyn Connors…inspired and energetic” Adelaide advertiser, June 15 2014

“She is an artist in absolute control…her voice is strong and interesting… the audience was mesmerised” indaily.com.au 16 June 2014

Material Mouth 2004-07

“Virtuoso of the seriously weird” -Inpress.

“Incredible voice box” -Beat.

“Alternates between the more avant-garde styles and traditional singing…ingenious…magically theatrical…endearing…a quirky sonic route” -The Age.

“The marvellous Carolyn Connors… Material Mouth is one of those deeply satisfying works that leave you ruminating for hours afterwards…(one) of Australia’s most interesting performance artists. …a work of performance art that encompasses sound poetry, compositions for voice and wine glass, cabaret, and satire.” -Alison Croggin Theatrenotes                                                                   “…enjoyable in all sorts of unusual ways…hums, chants, howls, screeches, speaks and sings…” Sun